2 Sided Design

Pet Med

Pet Med was developed to hold all your pets medical records in the cloud. It's ROI is to allow your Veterinarian access to your pets records and allow the owner constant access to their pets records on their phone. Instead of carrying around paper records when ever you travel or go to the groomer the records are always in your hand. The app was developed with Ruby On Rails using the Materialize CSS framework.


What Kids Want!

Working with What Kids Want we were able to provide full service from packaging to website design. As an ongoing partnership has allowed us to help thier creative dapartment with deadlines and preperation for product showing. We have utilized our website development and branding to our illustration and packaging design.



Working with BMR USA we have developed thier online image andcontinue to maintain their website content. 2 Sided Design works with their Graphic Designer to keep site content up to date.


Our Clients